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 Hooves And Wheels Driving Club Of Northern California  
About Us 

On February 6, in the year 2000, Due to the overwhelming interest in driving horses, ponies, mules, donkeys and even a goat and llama, interested persons were invited to a pleasure drive and meeting at the home of Barbara Kroboth and John Lauritzen to discuss the aspects of starting a driving club in Lake County, California! Topics covered were, membership and interest, establishing a non profit  status, insurance, and a club name.
  The enthusiastic response was tremendous and a meeting was set up to establish a club on February 26, 2000 at Argonaut Farm.
  The first topic of discussion was choosing a name and a newsletter name! Everyone in attendance put forth their best ideas, and a final vote resulted in "Hooves And Wheels" as the club name, and "Bits and Traces," as the newsletter name. It is published 12 times a year. The newsletter is informal and keeps members up to date with club activities and events. It contains information about other club events and activities, helpful articles and safety tips.
Hooves And Wheels was chosen in part because the letters form the verbal command, "haw," which means "turn to the left." A hunt was then on to create a club logo.
It was also established that the AMERICAN DRIVING SOCIETY would be our parent organization, and we would strive to follow their criteria. Dues are due  to be paid in January of every year.
  Due to the overwhelming generosity of the founding members of Hooves And Wheels, the club started their treasury with $900.00.
This was more than enough to purchase liability Insurance for the club. And it hasn't looked back since.
Meredith Gambrel             Lorna Young            Lori Cassey
Lynn Hughes                    Mike Adams            Carol Thorn
Tom Hughes                     Blue Pabst              Jaxan Christensen
Barbara Kroboth               Susan Pabst            Walt Christensen
Stan Clark                       Ginny Stark              Jo Dee Amaya
Betty Unger                     Rhonda Lepori          Bob Elliot
Thelma Elliot                    Bobbie Baken          John Lauritzen
Kristi Bloomquist              Chuck McKennon      Beth Gradek
Jackie Clark                     Becky Wilber
With much enthusiasm, and very little debate, officers were elected to the following positions:
President - Barbara Kroboth
Vice President - Lynn Hughes
Treasurer - Jaxan Christensen
Secretary / Newsletter Editor - Kristi Bloomquist
Club Historian - Mereidith Gamberal
It was decided that dues should be:
 $25.00 for a single membership. 
 $30.00 for a family membership. Family membership includes  
              spouses and minor children.
Board: Officers will serve as the board members.
Meetings:  Will be the 4th Sunday of each month except the month
                     of December,  there will be no meeting.
  As time went on a club logo was selected. Several designs were submitted.  Half the club liked Barbara Kroboth's wagon wheel and the other half liked Rhonda Lepori's  horse head.  It was suggested that the two drawings be combined into one logo. Therefore,  Barbara combined Rhonda's original drawing of the horse head with bridle, and Barbara's original wagon wheel drawing, and it was accepted with much excitement!
  The colors, dark green and yellow were chosen for club colors.
Hooves And Wheels Carriage Club is a non-profit club  devoted to the best interests of the sport of driving Horses, Ponies, Donkeys and Mules to horse drawn vehicles. To educate, promote, motivate and perpetuate the safe use of the equine in harness for, Pleasure, Recreation and Sport. To provide opportunities for all levels of drivers to network, and participate in the equine sport of competitive, pleasure, and recreational driving the horse in harness.

The goal of our club is to educate people about driving safety, proper training, and the history of driving the horse in harness in the traditional as well as the modern  style. To this end, we hope to host clinics, play-days, outings, pleasure drives, and maybe even a show or two! Our other goal is to make these events as affordable and fun as possible, so that all level of people can participate. We want to encourage camaraderie and just plain fun.
We Thank you for your interest! Give us your comments, questions, thoughts, suggestions, and support. What do you think? Click on the "Contact Us" page and leave feedback. All will be appreciated. Thank You for stopping by.

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This Club is a non-profit organization for the expressed purpose of promoting FUN and SAFE equine driving.
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